Friday, March 25, 2011

"Sexpot of the Week" : Christina Perri

Christina Perry has one of those instant stardon stories that you just love to hear. Taught herself to play the guitar at 16. Moved from Philly to LA at 21 and waited tables of course. Then back to Philly when her marriage and plans didn't work out. You know, the starving artist story. And while all this is going on, she writes "Jar of Hearts" . The song gets passed to a choreographer on "So You Think You Can Dance". It gets used. People like it. People buy it. She gets a major record deal. She's a star now. You know, the not a starving artist anymore story. The most amusing part is that she is so rocked out (tattoos galore and a guitar to match), but listening to "Jar of Hearts" (a very strong ballad), you would never guess she's packaged the way she is. There's something special about people who challenge stereotypes. It'll be itneresting to see how she evolves and what she comes out with next. I shall stay tuned.


  1. She reminds me of, young Lady Gaga (Stefanie Germanotta) both Italian girls. One's a fake sellout, the other genuine girl from Philly. I hope, she doesn't let fame get to her head like Lady Gaga! Good luck to your success Christina.

  2. god what i would do for her to sit on my face :O