Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Sex 101"

This week's OMGFactsSEX stats and facts:

* The Fallopian tubes are named after Gabriel Fallopius, a physician who discovered them in the 1500s.
* Fallopius was also one of the 1st doctors to recommend condom use to protect against STD’s back in 1546.
* 90% of the world’s necrophiliacs are men.
* Part of the reason that wigs were popular in the 18th century was to cover up the hair loss caused by syphilis.AIDS and HIV rates in China are increasing among the elderly.
* One study found the 2 most important factors for marriage compatibility were religion and similarity of drinking habits.
* The World Health Organization estimated there are 100 million sex acts per day leading to 365,000 new cases of venereal disease.
* An estimated 1 out of every 200 women is born with a third nipple.
* Mo Ka Wang could lift 250 pounds of weight off the floor using only his penis.
* Most people contract STDs when they are (supposedly) in monogamous relationships.
* The “venereal” in “venereal disease” is a reference to Venus, the goddess of love and sex.
* The act of watching couples having sex in parked cars is called “dogging”.
* In America, bestiality is a felony in only 15 states.

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