Monday, March 7, 2011

"Monday Man Candy": Adrian Grenier

Mondays are a bummer for most people so it seemed like a good idea to throw a few pictures of delicious man specimens on the blog. And why not? This blog does give a shout out every week to a "Sexpot of the Week" so why not some man candy?

First up is a personal fav, the sexiness that is Mr. Adrian Grenier. He's known for his role in "Entourage" as the beautiful Vinnie Chase. But the best part about the entire thing is that in real life, he is the scruffy, chill, musician, artist type. He plays in a band and does gigs with them around the city. He's really into social causes. He doesn't cause a whole lot of ruckus. And he's not a diva (to common knowledge anyway). So it appears that he is a normal sexy man trapped in an actor's world. Here's to hoping he stays trapped in that world so we can continue to look at him over and over and over and over again.


  1. I love him! He seems like a cool guy.

  2. And yes, very cool. Saw him riding a bike in my neighborhood one time. It was great ;)