Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Sex 101"

This week's OMGFactsSEX stats and facts:

* In other, non-human primates, the males often ejaculate within 15 seconds of initiating coitus.
* Another word for a pimp is a “Leno”.
* Urtication: using stinging nettles to stimulate the skin, sometimes for arousal.
* The Torah forbids a husband from engaging in sexual contact with his wife during her period, or even 7 days before her period.
* Someone with mysophilia can be aroused by smelling or chewing on dirty underwear and menstrual pads.
* The modern lap dance was originated in 1980 at the Mitchell Brother’s O’Farrell Theatre in San Francisco.
* The production and sale of condoms in the United States was illegal until 1930.
* Telegony is a (discredited) theory that a woman’s children can inherit traits from any man that she has had sex with.
* Men who undergo sex-change operations make an average of 32% less in income after the surgery.
* Women make an average of 1.5% more after sex-change operations.

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