Friday, January 28, 2011

News: Tracy Morgan's Sport of Choice

Another day, another comedian pissing off an entertainment company. This time it's Tracy Morgan. TNT is not too thrilled about Morgan's shout out to Sarah Palin as "masturbation material" last night. When are these entertainment people gonna learn? If you give a comedian a chance to say something on a live taping, you're probably gonna get a crass, funny joke.

From USA Today: "Did you hear the one about Sarah Palin vs. Tina Fey? Apparently, it was a joke that fell for flat for TNT, as 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan stopped by Inside the NBA to offer his opinion on the attractiveness of Palin against that of his boss, Fey, who repeatedly spoofed the former vice presidential candidate on Saturday Night Live.

Commentators Kenny Smith and Charles Barkely coaxed Morgan into choosing Palin or Fey, and the comedian made his choice while offering up a very, um, colorful reason for why Palin comes out on top. Check out the video to see the full exchange -- and announcer Ernie Johnson's awkward attempt at a segue.

TNT has since issued an apology for Morgan's comments, which sparked controversy on Twitter. "It's unfortunate Mr. Morgan showed a lack of judgment on our air with his inappropriate comments. We apologize for any embarrassment or offense it may have caused," a network spokesperson said."

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