Monday, November 29, 2010

"Sex 101"

This week's OMGFactsSEX stats:

* Mercury used to be used to treat syphilis.
* 18 was the “peak marriage age” in the 1950s.
* Pope Innocent VIII fathered 2 illegitimate children.
* Dendrophilia: preferring trees as sex partners instead of humans.
* Formicophilia: Fetish for having insects crawl on your genitals.
* The Egyptian Book of the Dead contains the first known written condemnation of masturbation.
* Hamsters can have sex up to 75 times a day.
* A whale penis is called a “dork”.
* White women with a college degree are the most receptive to anal sex.
* In Nevada, prostitution is only legal in towns with a population of less than 2000.
* 1% of adult females can achieve orgasm from breast stimulation
* Acrotomophilia: a sexual attraction to amputees.

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