Monday, November 15, 2010

News Spotlight: Scarlett Johansson Gets a Title

This really doesn't count as news. The fact Scarlett Johansson is hot is a wide known fact and has been so for years. But apparently, GQ naming her "Babe of the Year" makes it news so who are we to disagree?

From the NY Daily News: "Despite increasing obsession with the Megans and Livelys of Hollywood, GQ magazine says Scarlett Johansson is responsible for its "somewhat unhealthy" fascination with her.

Seductively posing on GQ's December cover, Johansson earns the title Babe of the Year in the magazine's 15th annual Men of the Year issue."

At 26, she remains fresh-faced, curious, trying on new moods and outlets of expression as easily as she changes her hair color," the men's mag says of the actress. "This is what we love about Scarlett: that she's game, that she's good, that she can try on all these guises without seeming to try too hard. And all the while still seem genuinely like the observant, inquisitive (and very cute) girl in transition we fell for in 'Lost in Translation.'""

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