Monday, October 11, 2010

News Spotlight: A Streak Worth $1Million

Love this story. A little penis reveal is most definitely worth a million bucks. This guy has some balls, pun intended.

From Daily Mail: "This is the streaker who performed his naked stunt in front of President Barack Obama in a bid to win $1million from a British-educated billionaire prankster.

Juan James Rodriguez, 24, daubed the address of a website across his torso before streaking through the rally held in front of thousands in Philadelphia.

But it has now emerged that he may have been attempting to claim a prize offered by shipping and bottling magnate Alki David for the first person to streak in front of the president.

Mr David is well known for carrying out stunts and often pays others to carry them out.

In August he offered $1million for someone to streak in front of Obama, but only if they wrote the name of his website Battlecam across their chest and shouted it six times while carrying out the stunt.

It is unclear if Rodriguez has achieved the feat, and he is still currently being held by authorities after he was arrested at the rally.

But Mr David has promised to pay out the sum in cash if he receives proof.

He told The Weekly Standard: 'When I see the video and it's confirmed... it won't be a cheque, it will be cash.'"

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