Sunday, June 19, 2011

News Spotlight: More Amy Winehouse Fuckery

Why won't Amy Winehouse just get her shit together already?! There are few things I really look forward to and her return to music is one of them. She started a "comeback" tour last night. Unfortunately, she was drunk and awful so a comeback it was not. All the news outlets are reporting that she got booed offstage after a set filled with stumbling and other drunkard behaviors. There is nothing more sad than wasted talent. Well, except wasted talent due to drug and alcohol addiction. I hope for her own sake as well as for the sake of music that she can face her demons.


  1. Happy now are you!!!

  2. No, I am sure the author, like many music lovers are saddened by the loss of a truly talented person. Unfortunately, we really are our own worst enemies sometimes. Maybe she will be at peace now R.I.P. Amy

  3. Definitely not happy. Amy was one of my favorite artists. I was rooting for her and saddened by her loss.