Monday, June 20, 2011

"Monday Man Candy": Ami James

Ami James has been a long-time interest for me. I happen to think he is one of the sexiest people on the planet. I am a sucker for men with lots of tattoos. Add the muscles, bald head, and often intimidating demeanor and forget about it. With all this said, however, once a celebrity is out of the limelight for a while, you tend to forget about them. Sadly, I forgot about my Ami. That is, until NY Ink premiered a couple weeks ago. Not only is Ami back, but he happens to live in the same city as me now. Even though I will never run into him or be stalkerish enough to go to his tattoo shop (although I have Googled it and know where it is already), knowing he's a train ride away brings joy to my heart. A whole new reason for the "I love NY" thing.

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  1. well said.. gosh, i wish i still lived in ny, id feel exactly the same <3 im sad theres only 2 episodes left. anyways, hah. thanks for the great ami post! you found some nice photos. definitely, saving on my pinterest. happy summer <3