Monday, June 6, 2011

News Spotlight: Decades Long Hotness

Jennifer Aniston is 42 and looks pretty damn good, but is she really the "hottie of the decade"? I think of her more as cutesy than a flat-out hottie, but to each her own. I will say, however, that pictures like the one above serve as validation for these kinda claims.

From The Celebrity Cafe: "It’s official: Spike TV wants everyone to know that Jennifer Aniston is hot – and has been for at least a decade.

At the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards, her Horrible Bosses co-star, Jason Sudeikis, presented her with the Decade of Hotness Award on behalf of the viewers of the cable network.

After being presented with the award, Aniston joked about her Friends-era fashion, saying, “A decade? That would put it at [2001], which is good because I had some sketchy looks in the '90s."

The 42-year-old actress said that she had a yoga regimen to thank for her continued good looks and physique."

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