Thursday, August 26, 2010

News Spotlight: Sex Tape Effects on Celebrity Kiddies

Sex tape Kendra

New mom Kendra

This is an interesting article published yesterday about the effects all these celebrity sex tapes are going to have on the offspring of the main attractions. When we're all caught up in the hoopla of the release of these tapes, no one is really thinking about mini Paris Hilton. Or the fact everyone will be whispering "your mom used to be a whore" in her ear. Just a thought.

"LOS ANGELES – Appearing in a homemade sex tape has helped line the bank accounts and enhance the “careers” of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Kendra Wilkinson and, perhaps next, Heidi Montag.

But with most starlets eventually settling down with spouses and children, is it their future kids who will suffer most from their current actions?

“Many times young people have no concept of the future," explained Los Angeles-based psychologist, Nancy Irwin. "They live in the moment, thinking 10 years down the road is eternity, they simply can’t see that far.”

If they just opened a magazine or turned on the TV, they could easily see what future potential family problems lay ahead.

Pamela Anderson recently admitted on British television that she was scared the time had come for her to explain the tape with ex-husband Tommy Lee to her children.

Troubled country crooner Mindy McCready spent a good part of 2010 fighting porn video producer Vivid Entertainment over the release of her homemade tape with a mystery man, knowing that her now four-year-old son would “grow up and Google one day.”

And Kendra Wilkinson tearily bemoaned a sex tape with an old boyfriend that came out in 2010 while she was pregnant with her current religious, football player boyfriend's baby.

"When faced with explaining these tapes to children later on, many blame their reckless youth and advise/hope that their own children will not do the same," Irwin continued. "It can go either way: the kids are mortified and humiliated by what their parents did and resent them for it; others model the same behavior.”" Read entire article here.

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