Tuesday, August 31, 2010

News Spotlight: Paris Hilton Adds Coke Whore to Resume

Paris Hilton has done a good job staying out of the spotlight lately so of course her reappearance had to be what fame whores dream of. Although there's nothing really surprising about her getting busted with cocaine and lying about it belonging to her, the story is tempting solely in the fact she has been laying low. Usually, it seems Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton pass the torch back and forth on who can have the most fucked up news coverage, but with them both currently being in the spotlight at the same time, we're in fame whore overload.

"Paris Hilton was arrested with .8 grams of cocaine in Las Vegas on Friday evening and charged with felony possession on Monday.

While the hotel heiress has since claimed that the purse in which the drug was found was not hers, she could face time behind bars if found guilty of felony possession of the controlled substance.

If convicted of a low-grade felony, under Nevada law, Hilton could be punished with a maximum of four years in jail. However, such a sentence is not likely, says a former D.A.

"Although the law in Nevada does tend to be more stringent than in California, in reality it is not likely Paris will receive such a harsh sentence," former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, Robin Sax told Pop Tarts. “Usually 18 months after one conviction, it gets dismissed. It is more likely that, if convicted, Paris will be given probation which could involve substance abuse class and treatment, and a $5000 fine. She may also still get probation with a small amount of jail time, [like] 30 days.” Read entire article here.

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