Saturday, June 20, 2009

Welcome to Much Ado Taboo: A Letter to Readers

Dear Much Ado Taboo Readers,

Welcome. As stated in the intro, this blog was created to examine the Taboos of the world. Nothing is off limits. I'm not exactly sure what the overall vibe will be after the blog builds steam. The main reason for the uncertainty is that participation from the audience will determine whether this takes on a light tone or heavy one. I've purposely allowed comments from everyone whether a registered user or not. If someone legitimately comments on the content and is not blatantly offending with no substance, it will be left there for all to see and respond. I have also included a Taboo Level checklist on each post so you can vote on whether the post's content is just plain fun, an extremity, or full blown taboo. That way, if you don't want to leave a comment, you can still be heard and voice your opinion. I want to have minimum involvement is editing the comments. This may bite me in the ass later, but I think a blog about taboos from a designer that uses profanity in her designs would look silly censoring people!

The only things I will have control over are the posts so I can tell you more about the tone of those. The content will range in mood. There will certainly be serious posts, but mostly light to medium ones that either expose a taboo or poke fun at one. Topics will range from the forever and ongoing love of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll to social issues, news topics, and anything else that sparks fury and uneasiness in people. That being said, suggestions of topics are encouraged. So stay tuned! It's gonna get interesting.


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