Thursday, June 25, 2009

Newsy Taboo -- R.I.P. MJ

Michael Jackson certainly has made his mark on the world and it's hard to think of an artist who pushed the envelope more than him over the decades. He has been a part of so many taboos over his career that we thought the best way to pay tribute to him is to focus on some of his contributions to different taboo subjects--good or bad.

* Sex--crotch grabbing, gay rumors
* Criminal Behavior--DUIs, molestation charges
* Plastic Surgery--you get it
* Overindulgence--Neverland Ranch
* Drugs--valium, painkillers

Regardless of these different issues (some true and some unproven), Michael Jackson was a legend and is one of the most well known people in the world. Taboo or not, that's gotta be respected. RIP Michael Jackson. You will be missed.

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