Monday, June 29, 2009

Lyric Raid -- "Brown Sugar" by D'Angelo

This one is an oldy but goodie. When the song first came out, it was assumed to be another love song--albeit a good one, still another love song. Not until you really listened to the lyrics and got past the infatuation of D' Angelo's voice did you realize he wasn't talking about some chick. He was in love with smoking that ish. He later cam out with a more obvious and sexed up "How Does It Feel", but "Brown Sugar was more subtle in its message. Great songwriting, but after reading it you kinda wish he was talking about you, not weed.

"Oh Sugar when you're close to me,
You love me right down to my knees.
And whenever you let me hit it,
Sweet like the honey when it comes to me.
Skin is caramel with those cocoa eyes,
Even got a big sister by the name of Chocolate Thai.
Brown Sugar babe,
I gets high off your love,
I don't know how to behave.

I want some of your Brown SugarSugar.

Now that'd be how the story goes,
Brown Sugar got me open, now I want some more.
Always down for a menage troi,
But I think I'ma hit it solo,
Hope my niggaz don't mind.
Stick out my tongue and I'm bout ready to hit this pretty gritty bitty with persistence.
Yo, I don't think ya'll hear me.
Brown Sugar babe,
I gets high off your love.
I don't know how to behave."

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