Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lyric Raid -- "The Fame" by Lady Gaga

Music probably celebrates our Taboos more than any other artistic medium. So it's only fitting that we will have an ongoing stint of posting song lyrics that celebrate our vices. It's called Lyric Raid and we'll start it off with one of the most indulgent artists at the the time, Lady Gaga. I actually love her and you'll probably see her lyrics often.

"I can't help myself,
I'm addicted to a life of material.
It's some kind of joke.
I'm obsessively opposed to the typical.
All we care about is runway models, cadillacs and liquor bottles
Give me something.
I wanna be Retro glamour, Hollywood.
Yes, we live for the fame.
Doin' it for the fame,
'Cause we wanna live the life of the rich and famous.
Fame, doin' it for the fame'.
'Cause we gotta taste for champagne and endless fortune."

--Lady Gaga, "The Fame"

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