Monday, July 25, 2011

News Spotlight: Amy Winehouse

Since I didn't get a chance to mention the unfortunate death of Amy Winehouse over the weekend, I will say my part now. She was one of my favorite artists and anyone who knows me knows one of the things I talk about most when it comes to music is my longing for her to get it together and bless us with more. I can honestly say I have never been this sad about a musician dying. I think the ultimate culprit of these tragedies is the fact celebrities find themselves surrounded by people who only kiss their asses to keep the freebies coming and that they often reject the people that have their best interests at heart and try to set them straight.

Details of her death are starting to surface and there's a lot of confict--some news sources reporting that no drugs were found in her home, while others saying she bought ecstacy and cocaine the night before and went on a drinking binge. The autopsy will be done today so the truth will surface. Either way, music has lost one of its true gems.

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