Monday, September 27, 2010

News Spotlight: Jaycee Dugard To Write Memoir

"NEW YORK (CBS/AP) Jaycee Dugard's alleged captors are still awaiting trial on charges of kidnapping, rape and imprisonment, but Jaycee isn't waiting for justice to share her harrowing and ultimately inspiring story of nearly two decades of captivity.

Simon & Schuster announced Monday that Dugard will write the book herself and that she will tell the whole story from the day in 1991 when she was snatched off the street by Philip Garrido to the present day as she tries to heal and raise the two daughters she had with Garrido during captivity.

Simon & Schuster publisher and executive vice president Jonathan Karp said he was blown away by what he had read so far.

"When I read the pages, I was moved and inspired by the raw power of Jaycee Dugard's voice, her strength and her resilience," Karp said." Click here to read more.

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