Wednesday, September 29, 2010

For the Love of "Cunt"

One of our repeat customers was inspired to write this post on her Facebook profile after purchasing a custom "Cunt" keychain. No doubt, the word is one of the most despised in the English language, but one of the main reasons I started Metal Taboo is to take back power in words that were created or changed to inflict insult and hurt. I think Dawn is right on board with her assessment of the word. I particularly love her promise at the end not to leave her keys behind in unwanted places:

The C Word

People generally do not understand why I like the word c*nt. Arguably the most offensive female slur in the English language, I admit the first time I heard it used by a guy in anger, I was repulsed and offended. Over the last 25 years or so since I first heard c*nt used, I have come to embrace the word. Some believe that c*nt may actually be derived from the name of a goddess, a woman in power, one to be worshiped. This image was considered offensive to patriarchal religions and therefore inverted in meaning to be negative. There is no clear etymology for c*nt but most align the word with some aspect of femininity, goddess or female genitalia. I embrace c*nt in defiance to this bastardization of the word and claim it as a woman.

A very powerful word, c*nt is included George Carlin's list of Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television routine and it is not a word to be used in general conversation in 'polite society'. Yet it is such a sharp little word - small, crisp and clean and out of your mouth before someone can figure out if you really said THAT word or perhaps you just sneezed. Like other offensive words it finds power in the meaning given to it by history, society and context.

I am not so naive to say that it is only four little letters, what harm can it do? I fully understand the way the majority of people view this word but since I've embraced c*nt and have used it to season my language with close friends, the word has lost its sting and power and therefore if someone calls me a c*nt it really does not phase me. I think at this point in my life I would just laugh in their face. There are plenty of other words that could be hurled at me that would cut far deeper and hurt me, so my admiration of c*nt does not diminish the power words can hold.

Because of my love and personal ownership of the C word I bought myself a present and it came in the mail today. Were this not Facebook I would not be obstructing the letter "u" in the photo and in this note but I understand that because of the obscene connotations of this word the use of it could get me kicked off Facebook. I sincerely hope that those of you who took the time to look at my note and photo are not outraged or offended and can understand that this is just another part of who I am and I will try not to leave my keys on your desk, end table, etc."

--Written by Dawn Howard

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