Saturday, July 18, 2009

Art Spotlight-- Thomas Deininger

Heart Tattoo



Party girl

Black baby doll

Fruit flies

I am very fond of Thomas Deininger's artwork. It is provocative in very subtle ways. He doesn't focus on only sex or gore or paint for shock value. All his art seems to be normal interpretations of life the way most of us know it. Fruit flies aren't pornagraphic, but they are disgusting. Party girls are common, but not usually depicted in paint. Breasts are painted all the time, but the focus of the painting isn't usually the tattoo. His titles are simple, but many of them provoke a lot of thought. He just nudges at taboos, which I think is very innovative and genius. I couldn't post all of his photos, but I suggest you take a look. I will probably post more of his stuff later on.

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