Monday, July 6, 2009

Anti-American, Bitchy, or Expression?

Peter Nichols "In God We Trust"

Some 6th grader

Happy 4th of July weekend! As proud as most of us are to be Americans, there is always this battle that goes on within the average American's mind. No matter how in love with American you are, there is no denying that is plagued with many issues, problems, taboos, and vulnerabilities. The photos above are both rendered by fellow Americans who have some strong views on a couple of things. The first picture of the skull came under much scrutiny in 2007 when Portland Airport displayed the art. Residents felt a tax-funded airport wasn't the place for it and it has been considered anti everything--including capitalism, American, religion, war. As for the second picture, a 6th grader felt America blocks out all input from outside nations. It's hard to believe a child came up with such a thing. What do you think? Is this art too harsh or is it simply getting frustration off your chest with no harm involved?

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