Monday, May 9, 2011

"Monday Man Candy": Chris Hemsworth

When I saw the previews for Thor in the movie theater, right away I thought Chris Hemsworth was delicious. Then I saw more and more billboards and ads for Thor and decided not only was he delicious, but yummy enough to become an actual fav of mine. And so he is. Every bulging muscle of him. He's only 27 (which is much younger than I usually like 'em) and his first movie role was only two years ago, but he has potential to be a years long obsession. Thor opened this weekend with $66 million so he is likely to get plenty of roles for a while. The more movie screen time, the more eye sugar.


  1. mmmmm, Yum. Maybe I should go see Thor now, if I get to see a lot more of this (especially shirtless).

  2. Personally, I think he's attractive, and I loved his small part in the last Star Trek movie... but he's spent half his career on the set of Home & Away... and that's just sad.